Terms & Conditions

As we are a broker for several car rental providers across many countries, it's vital you read the specific terms and conditions associated with the rental you wish to take up, prior to taking up the rental. Conditions may vary from country to country and state to state so its important to know the terms you are signing up to. 

WWRES - UK Terms and Conditions

Wise Advice

For Non Airport collections, certain operators operate a collections service. Please check your booking details for more information, also it would be prudent to contact the branch direct on the number provided if applicable and collate your date and time and they will then organise any additional services you may require. 

Rates include:
  • V.A.T.,
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Comprehensive insurance (both theft and collision) for one driver with an excess
  • The excess being:-
In the event of damage and or theft, an excess is applicable which varies depending on vehicle type and location. Excess protection will cover 900.00 GBP of damage, subject to terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

The following excess amounts apply:
  • all cars- £1000.00
  • mini MPVs and MPVs- £1150.00
  • premium vehicles and 4x4s – £1400.00
  • excess protection is an optional coverage that allows the renter to reduce the excess responsibility by £900.00
  • the price of EP is £16.25 per day including VAT and PLC fees.
  • All customers who are renting for more than 28 days must take the vehicle into their local branch at their own convenience (does not have to be renting branch) for vehicle inspection.
  • All additional drivers will be charges at GB(£) 10.00 per day
  • The insurance excess can be voluntarily and purchased at the Rental companies desk on arrival, please note rates can vary slightly by location.
  • Certain providers amend the above so please read their terms and conditions before renting.

Acceptable forms of payment
  • All major Credit and Debit cards (excluding Maestro Cards and Visa Electron) are accepted. DINERS CLUB IS NOT ACCEPTED. ALL CLIENTS RENTING A PREMIUM GROUP AND ABOVE HAVE TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD. On collection of the vehicle the rental charge, GB(£) 200.00 of the Insurance Excess and the fuel charge will be charged to your card. On acceptable return of the vehicle the Insurance Excess and Fuel (if applicable) will be credited. Payment is not accepted by either Cash or Cheque. All credit and debit cars used for payment/deposit must be in the name of the renter.

Age Requirement
  • All drivers must be 21 years of age or older and have held a driving licence for more than one year. Drivers aged between 25 - 29 can rent all vehicles except full size MPVs (MPV and MPVA), small premiums (PDMR/PDAR), large premiums (LDMR/LDAR) and 4x4s (IFMR/IFAR and FFMR/FFAR) Age 30+ can rent all vehicles.
  • Drivers between 21 and 25 will normally have an additional age premium added to their rental at the desk when showing their documents. You should always check with the provider that you will be accepted prior to confirming your booking in order to avoid disspointment.
  • There is no upper age limit.

Fuel Policy
  • In the main vehicles are provided with a full tank of fuel and the client us given the option of purchasing the tank or returning the vehicle full. Occasionally the vehicle will be provided with a car that is not full, the client has the same option of either buying the fuel remaining in the tank or returning the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as was present when the vehicle was collected.
Please be advised of the following information regarding Bio Diesel.
  • Bio diesel Availability and Usage in Rental Vehicles
  • Recently some distributors (such as Morrison's Super Market) have begun to sell a B30 Bio diesel product which is a 30%/70% blend, with a higher Methyl Ester content.
  • For all vehicles on Enterprise's Fleet use of B30 bio diesel will invalidate the manufacturer's warranty, and therefore any engine damage would become the financial responsibility of Enterprise and if traced such repair costs may be passed on to customers.
  • It is possible on some vehicles to trace via a vehicle's engine management system or by scientific evaluation at what point such a fuel has been used.

Return Timing Criteria
  • All vehicles must be returned within 29 minutes of the collection time or a further days rental will be charged

Cross Border Policy
  • If you intend to drive the rental vehicle cross border to other countries, please contact WWRes's reservation centre to verify restrictions that may be in play. 

Domestic One Way Rentals
  • All rentals where the vehicle is not returned to the same location as it is collected form will accrue a surcharge of GB(£) 50.00 per rental, regardless of the length of the rental.

Extension of Rentals
  • Should you need to retain the vehicle beyond the initial rental return date then PLEASE CONTACT OURSELVES NOT ENTERPRISE CAR RENTAL to advise

Licence and Document Requirements
  • All drivers must have held a full, valid national license for one year.
  • Licenses: Both the photo-card and paper counterpart must be produced. For old style paper licences, the driver must also provide an additional form of photographic ID in the form of a Full Valid Passport for UK
  • Overseas Licence: International driving permit is required with all non European licences if the driving licence is written in a language or characters different to those of the renting country. Even when an International Driving License is required, a domestic licence must be provided.
  • A passport or Identity card must also be produced.
Non Airport Locations
  • All non-Airport and Non deplaning renters will need to provide at the time of the rental a full driving licence, two proofs of address no less than three months old and a credit/debit card in the renter's name
The acceptable scenario on points/disqualifications is:-
  • Any endorsements commencing UT - NOT ACCEPTABLE
  • Any endorsements commencing IN10 - NOT ACCEPTABLE
  • Any licence with two or more periods of disqualification - NOT ACCEPTABLE
  • Any other conviction with a period of disqualification of 6 months or more - ACCEPTABLE ONLY AFTER 5 YEARS
  • Any other conviction with a period of disqualification of LESS than 6 months - ACCEPTABLE
  • Any number of endorsements with no period of disqualification- ACCEPTABLE

Roadside Assistance
  • In case of breakdown or accidents, emergency telephone numbers can be found on the vehicle tax disc and key fob. Cover is provided through either the AA, RAC or other provider, dependent on the vehicle manufacturer. Customers should call the emergency number shown on their vehicle. Coverage is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dependant on the circumstances, we reserve the right not to replace the vehicle.

Important information on Child seats
  • The introduction of new legislation on 18th September 2006 requires parents to ensure that all children 3 years and over must use a child restraints until they reach a height of 135cm (approximately 4ft 5ins). This new rule represents best practice to help keep children safe. Failure to comply with the regulations can incur a £30 fixed fine and three penalty points on your licence. There is no change to the law for children under 3 years, a correct child restraint must still be used.
  • Infant, Child and Booster seats are available at a cost of GB(£) 12.40 per day up to a maximum of GB(£) 136.00 per rental, and must be pre ordered at the point of reservation.
  • Customers will be required to fit the child seat themselves.

Congestion Charge
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car vehicles are not exempt from congestion charges within central London. Everyone driving or parking a vehicle on public roads in the congestion charging zone will have to pay a daily charge of £8.00 to the Transport for London group, or £10 if the charge is paid after the charging day. This payment will allow you to enter, drive around and leave the congestion charging zone as many times as you wish that day.
  • Congestion Charging operates Monday through Friday from 7.00am to 6.30pm excluding public holidays.
  • There are no tollbooths or barriers around the Congestion Charging zone and no physical tickets or passes. Instead, the driver registers the vehicle number plate on a database for all journeys within the charging zone.
  • The Congestion Charge can be paid beforehand, on the day of travel or the following charging day. It can also be paid for more than one day at a time by, paying for a week, for a month or for a year in one transaction.
  • Advanced payments can make advanced payments either online at www.cclondon.com, by telephone on 0845 900 1234, by SMS text message from your mobile phone, at self-service machines, selected petrol stations, selected retail outlets, BT internet kiosks, or by post.
  • If a rental vehicles driven or parked on public roads, in the congestion charging zone during the hours of operation and do not pay the charge by midnight the following charging day, Enterprise will be sent a Penalty Charge Notice by the Transport for London. This will ask Enterprise to supply the name and address of the hirer of the vehicle when the contravention occurred.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The (PCN) Penalty Charge Notice WILL BE £100.00 As with parking penalties, this is reduced to £50 if payment is made within 14 days. Failure to pay the penalty charge within 28 days will result in the penalty being increased to £150.
  • Enterprise, by law MUST provide the required information to the Transport for London.
  • If Enterprise is asked to supply the renter's details to the Transport for London, THERE WILL BE A CHARGE OF £25 for doing so. This is a standard administration fee charged to all customers in these circumstances. For convenience, Enterprise will process the £25 charge on the renter's credit card if available. As a reminder, the signature on a rental contract gives full authorisation for applicable credit card charges to be processed by Enterprise Rent-A-Car for all Traffic Violations incurred during the rental.
  • More information about congestion charging can be found by calling Transport for London on 0845 900 1234 or by visiting the web site at www.cclondon.com

  • GPS units are available at Airport locations only, at a cost of GB(£) £13.04 per day to a maximum of GB(£) 90.00 per rental. A £150.00 deposit is required. GPS is available from all locations - email customerservices@wwideres.co.uk to arrange this once your reservation is confirmed, GPS units are not available for one way rentals.

Smoking Policy
  • A smoking ban applies to all vehicles on the Enterprise fleet. Failure to adhere to acknowledge the no smoking signs placed in the vehicles will be subject to a £50.00 fixed penalty notice.

Email Subscription and GDPR policy
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